Basic Concepts Unlimited provides specialized educational services to the Early Childhood Development sector, schools and educational practitioners working with young children, particularly in the Foundation Phase (Grade R - Grade 3).

I feel very strongly that Basic Concepts should be introduced to all learners- this will give me the time to develop their conceptual language and increase their vocabulary and verbal fluency.

Metro Central Training: Western Cape Education Department (October, 2015)

Basic Concepts are the building blocks on which cognition and perception is built.

Metro Central Training: WCED (February, 2015)

The Basic Concepts Programme is basically the same as Vygotsky's Zone of Proximal Development. It is a way of teaching… it gives individuals a way to structure their thinking and reasoning. 

Mitchell's Plain Primary School, November 2015

Practical, useful, clear, scaffolded for use in the classroom. Very approachable lecturer and lessening of anxiety through post-workshop contact.

Open Public Training, 2015 (Cape Town)

Very well put together course: well researched, well prepared, well delivered.  A course that can be trusted to yield results when applied in practice, and therefore a much needed and valuable tool to implement with learners who are in danger of failing to learn adequately.

Open Public Training, 2015 (Cape Town)

The work itself is both original and highly pertinent to the needs of the SA education system. The author is clearly deeply involved in and knowledgeable about and … (he) provides a distinct contribution to knowledge in the area of cognitive education.

Professor Emeritus Robert Burden, Exeter University, United Kingdom

The work … is certainly original, and in some important aspects constitutes a contribution to the fund of knowledge about cognitive development and early education.

Professor Emeritus Carl Haywood, Vanderbilt, USA

‘It is an effective mediation tool that can provide structure to those teachers who have lost sight of the objectives of teaching. It offers a step-by-step model that should be transferable … '

Schools Development Unit, University of Cape Town

The programme is explicitly linked to the South African curriculum (NCS) and references issues which are confronted by all teachers and challenges of ‘laying foundational’ thinking.’

Schools Development Unit, University of Cape Town

The Basic Concepts Programme© is a holistic and developmentally orientated metacognitive intervention programme for young children who experience language, information processing and socio-emotional barriers towards learning.

Basic Concepts Unlimited partners with communities, local education structures and other organizations on a project-by-project basis.

Become a mediator of the Basic Concepts Programme© and explore the materials used for cognitive development.

The Basic Concepts Programme: Making A Difference