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Betelhem Dereje Shares Her Experiences- March 2020

Betelhem Dereje

I was born in Ethiopia and immigrated to the States with my parents at a very young age.

Their one dream for me, and later for my brothers, was for us to have quality education and become something in life as they hadn’t been given the opportunity to do.

With the previous coursework about Vygotsky and Piaget and other education theorists, I found that using the Basic Concepts approach, I was able to directly implement what I had learned and more in the classroom.

In addition, I was able to bring about its practicality through its mediational and cognitive approach by providing teachers with a framework meant to develop the students’ cognitive functioning and information-processing capacities.

Overall, I feel that much of what I’ve gained has come from the reflective process, offered to me during my time at Basic Concepts Unlimited. This kind of active reflection and metacognitive thinking has allowed me to succeed with the students.

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