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BCP Mediator Required

We are looking at employing a Basic Concepts Mediator for a school in the Surrey Estate area, Cape Town.

Metro Central Education District
Josh Benjamin presents his research finding after approximately 4 weeks of data gathering in the Metro.
08 July 2019 to 28 August 2019
Stanford University Intern, USA

We are very pleased to continue our collaboration with the Bing Overseas Studies Program, a programme of Stanford University.

13 May 2019 to 14 June 2019
Josh  Benjamin, McGill University Intern
Aminata Kalokoh
Student Intern at Basic Concepts Unlimited from Stanford University, January - March 2019
Ramona Greene
Student Intern at Basic Concepts Unlimited from Stanford University, January - March 2019


I have learned so much through the Kwena Basic Education Trust and for that I would like to take this opportunity to say: thank you.

Kwena Basin Education Trust: Project Visit, May 2016

Very well put together course: well researched, well prepared, well delivered.  A course that can be trusted to yield results when applied in practice, and therefore a much needed and valuable tool to implement with learners who are in danger of failing to learn adequately.

Open Public Training, 2015 (Cape Town)

I am blown away!!! This is most definitely the most useful course that I have ever attended.

Overberg District, Western Cape Department of Education (February, 2019)

I realize that children need to know their basic concepts so that they can develop understanding of the content of the curriculum.

Metro South Education District: Teacher Training, May 2014

'It was well run... Knowledge gained priceless. It taught me vital strategies in the teaching model for optimal learning and understanding to take place.' (Metro Central, 2012)


Teacher Feedback About Training (2012)

Louis I salute you. I am empowered by the presentation. Never a dull moment even though the weather was hot. I've already implemented the programme with my learners.

Metro Central Training: Western Cape Education Department (February, 2016)