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Overberg District, Western Cape Department of Education

Tuesday, February 19, 2019 - 08:00 to Thursday, February 21, 2019 - 16:30

Training Details:-

Target Group: Foundation Phase Educators + Learning Support Teachers and Therapists

Number of participants: 20

Dates:  19 + 20 +21 February 2019

Venue: Blue Bells, High School Overberg, 30 Laing Street, Caledon

For more information: Contact Annelien Crous (see email address below).

Note: Training is only open to pre-invited teachers from the Overberg District.

‘It is an excellent programme. Just a pity that not all reception year educators are exposed to the training. My understanding of the programme- it is developed to systematically mediate concepts so that learners are guided to develop an understanding and so that learning is meaningful.’ (Metro Central, 2012)

Training Feedback

Basic Concepts are the building blocks on which cognition and perception is built.

Metro Central Training: WCED (February, 2015)

I found this course extremely helpful. One of the best I have attended. The programme makes so much sense and has really made me think!

Public Open Training, Cape Town (2014)

Very informative. Very well presented. Very good use of visual aids.

Thinking Stars: Teacher Feedback From Training, August 2014

The workshop was very educative and an eye-opener. These are things that we usually just take for-granted.

Kwena Basic Education Trust

Very informative, well presented, engaging, coherent and thought provoking.

Metro South Training, Western Cape Education Department, 2015