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Summary Of Live Online Zoom Courses, 2020

Live Online Zoom Training Sessions

The COVID-19 pandemic has helped to extend the BCP to participants from around the world in a live online format.

We have run three highly successful Zoom Courses since March (see details below) and have a waiting list for courses to be run next year.  

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Dates: 26+28 May, 2+4+9+11 June 2020

Number of participants: 5

Countries represented: South Africa, UK, USA

No of certificates issued: 5



Dates: 11+13+25+27 August, 1+3+8 September 2020

Number of participants: 11

Countries represented: USA, Canada, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Oman, UK, Denmark

No of certificates issued: 11



Dates: 21+28 October, 4+11+25 November, 2+7+9 December 2020

Number of participants: 15

Countries represented: UK, South Africa, Australia, South Korea

No of certificates issued: 15