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GO BOX: A Project For The Kidzpositive Family Fund

Project Details
Start Date: 
No. of Learners: 
No. of Teachers: 
5 Occupational Therapists
No. of Sites: 
3 Primary Health Care Clinics
Grade Level(s): 
0-8 years
Area of Intervention: 
The project is located in Cape Town, Western Cape.


The programme will be run for a cohort of HIV infected children as part of a comprehensive project for 0-8 year old children which aims to optimize early childhood development. OT’s who have been trained as mediators of the Basic Concepts Programme will work with mother and child dyads (6-8 year olds) to guide parents' interactions with their children to prepare them for formal school learning.  Basic Concepts Unlimited trained the OT's and acts in a consultancy capacity for the project.


A control study will be implemented using a battery of test measures before and after intervention. The assessment battery will determine the responsiveness of the children to learning after receiving intervention when compared with a control group that have received a traditional OT intervention.