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Training Workshops For Mediators Of The Basic Concepts Programme

Training workshops for mediators of the Basic Concepts Programme© are open to educators, educational therapists and parents. Training is of a high standard and fully equips participants to implement the BCP within a supportive framework. Much of the training is experiential, utilising methodologies such as group work, learner demonstrations and role-playing. See below for more information about forthcoming courses.

Basic Concepts Online Training

BC Online Training: Introductory -Part 1

BC Online Training:  Mediator Training - Part 2

In this course, participants are provided with a detailed overview of the Basic Concepts Programme (BCP) and its main components. The participants are exposed to the rationale and main theoretical principles of the programme.  The importance of developing a higher-order language for learning is discussed as well as its relationship to the child's conceptual and cognitive development. Participants will also be given detailed information on how to build on their knowledge beyond the course and how to become a Mediator of the Basic Concepts Programme.

Build Your Own Training

Institutions and private groups of 5 or more can build their own training to become mediators of the Basic Concepts Programme©. This allows the flexibility to build a unique training focusing on the needs of the institution or group. The training is offered in a live or virtual format.

Become a Certified Mediator

The course is open only for trained mediators of the BCP. While the certified mediator course might vary in format and length, the course will assist to support new mediators to take the first step at implementing the programme. Work with learners is submitted before the support sessions which can be conducted in an individual or a group format. The training is offered in a live or virtual format.

Mentor Training

Learn how to support BCP mediators implementing the programme for the first time. The training is only open to certified mediators of the BCP and is offered in a live or virtual format.

Upcoming training

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I learned a new language to use with my learners.

Metro Central: Training, October 2014

Very informative, well presented, engaging, coherent and thought provoking.

Metro South Training, Western Cape Education Department, 2015

Very well put together course: well researched, well prepared, well delivered.  A course that can be trusted to yield results when applied in practice, and therefore a much needed and valuable tool to implement with learners who are in danger of failing to learn adequately.

Open Public Training, 2015 (Cape Town)

Thank you Louis for you dedication and enthusiasm. We need our teachers to be enthused with a love of children and a passion for mediating to our learners. God Bless.

Metro Central (2013): Training
Metro Central Education District

Before the workshop I thought (that) I knew how to teach or introduce my lessons, but now I know that I was not doing justice to my learners. I took them for granted ... as if (they would) very easily understand my instructions.

Metro South Education District: Teacher Training (January, 2013)

The workshop was very educative and an eye-opener. These are things that we usually just take for-granted.

Kwena Basic Education Trust