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Mediator Manual

Basic Concepts Programme Materials

The mediator manual includes:

  • background and introduction to the programme

  • a detailed outline of 48 BC Sessions

  • a set of tools to support the implementation of the programme: recording, evaluating, and monitoring sheets

  • a set of BC Transfer Worksheets

  • a set of useful Appendices

The manual is available in English and Afrikaans.

ZAR 200.00

We were taught the theory as well as the practice.  I now feel confident to start to implement the programme with my class and even with my nieces and nephews.

Mitchell's Plain Primary School, November 2015

I love the programme. I was not aware of how to introduce a concept … . If I could reverse my years in teaching, I bet I would have produced mathematicians, scientists and doctors.

Metro Central Teacher Comment (July, 2013)

I learned a new language to use with my learners.

Metro Central: Training, October 2014

I now have a broader knowledge of how to teach various concepts and reach all intelligences and learning styles.

Thinking Stars: Teacher Feedback From Training, August 2014

All that I learnt from Day One  I was immediately able to apply in my class the following day… with remarkable results!

Metro South Education District: Teacher Training (February, 2014)

The emphasis on language throughout the programme helps to develop learners' understanding of concepts and expand their vocabulary. The BCP stops learners from guessing, it gives them more structure and develops their cognitive functioning.

Metro Central Teacher Comment (July 2013)