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Results from the Test of Basic Concepts Knowledge

Grade 1 - 3 learners have been tested since the project started in 2014 when the baseline data was gathered.

20 August 2018 to 24 August 2018
Rolling out the Basic Concepts Programme to the Northern Cape

Word Test Results:

Baseline (2014) + Year 1 (2015) + Year 2 (2016) + Year 3 (2017)


Mfuleni Community Project

We have started to explore a new project in the Mfuleni community in Cape Town, Western Cape.

The practitioners were well prepared for the sessions.Good work was done at most of the schools.They (teachers) were impressive.

Test of Basic Concepts Knowledge


Data was gathered during the first term from 18 primary schools (n=578) by Learning Support Teachers.

Results from the Test of Word Knowledge